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wrote to🔥Teacher Shay👸Kid’s Best Friend Forever🦄Child Expert👑Phonics👑Beginner Welcome

2023/01/29 19:13
Teacher Shay has so much passion for teaching and life. In every class, I felt the inspiration by her warm personal traits and wisdom. I always enjoy the time learning English with her.

wrote to🇬🇧Sean🇹🇭 👨‍💼 12 years experienced ESL Teacher 🎓

2023/01/29 18:43
Teacher Sean is a professional teacher. He is a patient and kind person. He taught and corrected my son’s pronunciation and sentence structure step by step. I’m so glad to have Sean to be my son’s English teacher.

wrote to🐶Teacher Rachel 🐰Native Speaker 🐱Specialty is phonics, pronunciation, speaking, reading🐨ages 3-12

2023/01/29 18:15
This teacher gave very detailed feedback after each lesson, what she taught, what my kid learnt and what she needed to improve. This teacher also provided some thoughts on how to design next lesson which would be more suitable for my kid.

wrote toChara 🌻 Native Phrases 🇺🇸 KIDS 🌈 Become a CONFIDENT speaker 🤠 Conversation EXPERT 🗣TOEFL & IELTS

2023/01/29 16:05
I spoke slowly English and wanted to share my family job so we don't have today's lesson. Maybe we can have it next week. I like to learn reported speech. Thanks to Chara helps my English speaking a lot.

wrote to👨‍🏫Ronald 👔Business English📚IELTS🎯Conversation📑Exam

2023/01/29 14:58
As always, you are so outgoing that I could discuss the new project with you during yesterday's lesson. In response to my requests, you responded with your viewpoints accordingly. Furthermore, I was able to sense your great enthusiasm for embracing challenges. Thank you again, and I look forward to our next formal lessons in the upcoming month.

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wrote toDr Al 🎩 Texas, USA🤘 IELTS expert🥇

2023/01/29 14:53
"Never Say Die: The Survival Philosophy of Attack on Titan" is the title of the article I wrote this time. Thank you so much for your time and effort in reading my article. You gave me instructions on how to improve the paragraphs or sentences that I wrote in a slightly vague manner in order to make them much more perfect. I'll show you the story I'm working on next class. As always, I am longing for your insightful suggestions.

wrote to✨Grace🌟Children🐤 Trade & Business Specialist📞🌎

2023/01/29 13:36
1. Let me know vessel schedule you want 2. Kindly give us confirmation about the BL within a 3days 3. How long will it take you send the contract to us 4. I’ll let you know when I know about cargo release 5. When will you be able to give us consignee’s reply

wrote toAmanda🌺Friendly Native Speaker | Australian English & Business English for the Hospitality Industry

2023/01/29 13:33
This could be the most meaningful lesson of my entire life, We've talked about life /self searching /manifesting /healing and all sorts of mindful topics, Amanda is a great life coach, you can feel the caring and sympathy throughout the session. it's literally beyond what I pay or hope for. once again, Amazing Job Amanda!!! see you soon!!!

wrote to🧧 Happy New Year | Room for 1️⃣ New Student! 🎆 Teacher Diana 🌠 Your American Teacher 🇺🇸

2023/01/29 13:01
I would like to say thank you to teacher Diana again.She is very professional, patient and nice. After-lesson-note is helpful for me to do revision with my daughter. Thanks for reminding me the importance of word order and teaching my daughter to learn step by step🙏

wrote to💎Bernice純美口音💎商業英語💼外商面試🎖專業形象打造👩🏻‍💼

2023/01/29 12:09
Bernice, thank you for correcting my sentences! Hi Kelly, I writing this letter because you did a great job on our product introduction and your accurate reply toward client. You listed the outline on the presentation so everyone can know the process clearly. The way you introduced our company product showed the great value of our product and client can know what benefit they could get by using our product. Since we are a consultant company, your excellent reply shows professionalism and you know the client's need very well. You really present your devotinf work attitude and your great ability. Keep it up.

wrote to✏️Learn with Luke✏️ English Native Speaker🇺🇸 ESL Teacher 2+ Years❗️Build CONFIDENCE💥

2023/01/29 11:43
We practiced speaking in discussion way, and then Luke corrected me when I made some grammatical or pronunciation mistakes and make it sound more natural. I really enjoyed practicing speaking in this way. It’s fun and also improves my speaking ability! THANK YOU LUKE!!

wrote toTeacher Kat 🥇 TESOL Certified🏆 Kid's Expert👸Teens & Adults❤️Fun & Easy Lessons👑

2023/01/29 09:45
Teacher Kat always shares what she knows and we always have some in-depth conversations. Also, today was a great opportunity to learn more about using the most appropriate synonyms and simplifying sentences.

wrote toRemo 💗German & English for Kids 💗 Goethe Inst. all levels 💗 Conversation

2023/01/29 09:45
Remo is an ideal instructor for us...he makes the class fun, conversational, my son loves the role plays! We learn about interesting historical figures, mythology, German humor! Grammar games are fun too!

wrote to🇬🇧 Ben🥇IELTS🔥 Business English🏆 Conversation🏅

2023/01/29 09:23
Today’s speaking questions were challenging to me! It was really good to me because I need more practice and enrich my ideas to different topics! Therefore, massive and various questions are helpful! Hope next lesson can use this way to practice more :)

wrote to🔥🇺🇸🔥Tammy🌏Public speaking Instructor💼Business English

2023/01/29 08:24
Tammy is always such an amazing teacher! She is very patient with her students and loves to get to know them and create lesson plans for them based on what they want to achieve. I have been taking classes with her for over a year and I can see a great improvement in my English learning due to her flexible teaching style and the knowledge base she shares. I really enjoy and look forward to learning new things in every class!

wrote to🔥🇺🇸🔥Tammy🌏Public speaking Instructor💼Business English

2023/01/29 07:58
Tammy is the best teacher I've ever met. She has great sense understanding what the student really needs to improve and always preparing well in advance to level up my English abilities in such a short class time. Big thanks and pls take more rest if she could.

wrote toTeacher Justine 🏆 Adults & Kindergarten🍎Weekends OPEN🏅Confidence & Vocabulary⭐️

2023/01/29 07:53
Teacher Justine has a magic capability to improve my son English on listening/speaking/reading, Again, she is a very patient teacher and knows how to guide the children to open mouth. Thanks teacher J. -:)

wrote toTeacher Rich🎯Phonics|Grammar|Conversation🎯Learn English with FUN🦄

2023/01/29 07:18
Without second thought enroll your lessons with Tutor Rich. She is a great teacher. My daughter's fluency has improved a lot and she can communicate well in English now. We are really happy with her progress and its worth enrolling her english lessons with this Tutor. I highly recommend Teacher Rich.

wrote to✨ Brian 🌈 Children, Teens and Adults Expert 🔥 4+ years Exp.🎉 TEFL Cert 🥇

2023/01/29 02:01
With Brian you are not only learning a language, but you are learning knowledge, science, history, economics, politics, social issues etc.Brian knows everything and he can discuss any topic with you. You're not learning a boring foreign language, you're sharing your thoughts with a very knowledgeable friend. It’s an enjoyment!!!

wrote to🇺🇸 Teacher Nikki🧸🌈 adults & kids👼🏻🧸 Conversation 🗣️Specialist🎤

2023/01/29 00:26
I love lesson with teacher Nikki. We can many and interesting conversation. Nikki knows that what kind of Topics I interested in. I can't wait next session. ☺️

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